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Denver’s Coastal Wives reside on a spectrum of influences, sounds, and identities. Comprised of four guys living in a landlocked state, their name contradicts their very identities in a playful manner. With an ever-evolving sound, and a desire to keep things light, Coastal Wives are set to challenge expectations in a spirited, dynamic, and personal way.

Comprised of members Forest Knauff (vocals/guitar), Logan Bishop (harmonizing vocals/guitar),Taylor Langan (bass), and Kyle Misencik (drums), the band has been creating music together since 2014, and are making a name for themselves within Colorado’s eclectic music scene. In 2015, they debuted their self-titled album Coastal Wives, which was the more playful
predecessor to their 2016 release Traditions.

Coastal Wives have played with acclaimed bands such as The Shelters, Astronauts, etc., Cayucas, Trails and Ways, Holy White Hounds, Telekinesis, and The Donkeys. They’ve continued to play at well-known venues throughout the Denver area, and have made an appearance at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase.



Press Mentions


BuffaBlog - 5/11/2018

New Music - Ramen

Cassandra Dailey - Writer

"Denver’s ironically named indie rock foursome Coastal Wives meets youthful energy with gritty guitar-ridden angst in their latest single “Ramen.” An ode to the beloved discount noodles/college kid meal of champions, the song digs into some coming of age themes and the clumsy growing pains that come with them. The band identifies their sound as blues rock, however, the full essence of Coastal Wives is much more complicated than that. It’s easy enough to pick up on the band’s folksy influence via their meandering guitar lines, alongside a bit of an emo edge, garage fuzz, and surfy twang. Get a feel for their sound with “Ramen” below, and find the band’s full discography on their bandcamp.


BolderBeat - 4/11/17

Denver's Coastal Wives Stay True To Their Vows

Jura Daubenspeck - Writer

“Their sound has a gentle depth to it, and haunting qualities that place you into flashbacks of the storyteller. With vocals that are just the right amount of raspy, and lyrics that you can sink your teeth into, Coastal Wives take indie rock into their own hands and bend it like putty.”


BolderBeat - 5/19/16

Coastal Wives EP Traditions: Love at First Listen

Dawn Raymond - Writer

“It's a kind of "love at first listen", which might be because the vocals are reminiscent of another band and another time, or it might be Coastal Wives’ heartfelt lyrics and tightly knit instrumental execution. Whatever it is, it works.”


Indie Apex - 6/25/15

Conversations with Coastal Wives

“Neither coastal nor wives, Coastal Wives is a crisp sound from the Colorado music sphere. The group comes together to form your perfect outdoor summer jam, with an album that has just enough variety yet consistency to show off the array of talents and stay engaging.”